Scratchbox 1.0.1 x86_64 release candidate 1

Scratchbox 1.0.1 seems to be enough stable for x86_64 architecture so that it can be released for testing. Read the changelog, download packages and enjoy!

Scratchbox on x86_64 (amd64)

Scratchbox is currently only provided for i386 target binaries. Even with kernel emulation for i386 binaries installation process will cause immediate kernel panic (at least in my machine).

Scratchbox is very useful in x86_64 platform even if it is not used for cross-compilation. Users could use Scratchbox for using i386 binaries in chrootted environment much simplier that with actual chroot. Scratchbox provides also Debian package managment thus easing the maintanence task of non native environment. For example flashplayer is not available for x86_64 targets, so it can be installed to i386 target inside Scratchbox. Of course Scratchbox could be used for what it was intended, the following picture shows Maemo ARM emulated with QEMU on x86_64 machine:

So I decided to start to work with porting of the Scratchbox to x86_64 platforms. This work is mainly intended for my own use, but the resulting binary packages will be available in Scratchbox's website for others to use.

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