Maemo OpenVPN update

First version of OpenVPN port had some stability issues with certificates or with using debugging output. These came out as asserts from integer.h. This was because of bugs in -O2 compiler optimizations and fix for these issues was just recompile with -O0 compiler option.

Updated packages:


Setting up OpenVPN on Nokia 770

Following setup follows OpenVPN's static key HOWTO.

  1. Get root permissions
  2. Connect to Internet
  3. Install xterm
  4. Install Maemosized OpenVPN package
  5. Create config for your server
  6. Create config for your 770 and place it to /var/lib/install/etc/openvpn directory
  7. Generate static key in server with command "openvpn --genkey --secret static.key" and copy it to your 770 config directory /var/lib/install/usr/sbin/openvpn
  8. Start shell and execute "sudo gainroot" command
  9. Change directory to OpenVPN's config directory with "cd /var/lib/install/etc/openvpn" command
  10. Start OpenVPN server "openvpn --config your_server_config_file"
  11. Execute OpenVPN with "/var/lib/install/usr/sbin/openvpn --config your_config_file"

I also tested OpenVPN tunnel with certificates (see OpenVPN HOWTO for more information how to create keys) with server and 770 configurations.

Please note that I disabled the lzo compression support and auth-pam plugin so that OpenVPN would work without additional packages (well other than xterm ;)). If you want to compile install Maemo SDK, install dpatch inside Maemo environment, download source files, unpack and build with dpkg-buildpackage.

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